Frequently Asked Questions


What is a PAC?
A political action committee (PAC) is a private group organized to raise money and make contributions to the campaigns of political candidates. A PAC typically contributes to candidates who share its viewpoints and policy concerns.

What is Texas Parent PAC and when was it formed?
Texas Parent PAC is for parents, grandparents, parents-to-be, and anyone who loves children and supports high-quality public education. The articles of incorporation to form the nonprofit corporation—Texas Parent PAC—were filed with the Secretary of State’s office on July 15, 2005. The PAC’s campaign treasurer designation was filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Why was Texas Parent PAC formed?
We believe the future of Texas rests in the children of today, and our public schools are the best opportunity we have to ensure the state’s future is bright and prosperous. Unfortunately, some state legislators continue to shortchange students by refusing to find long-term solutions to adequately and equitably fund neighborhood public schools. There are no good excuses for failure by the Legislature to meet the needs of more than 5 million students enrolled in Texas public schools! Parents are fed up with the inability of state lawmakers to support Texas children in the manner they deserve and our constitution requires. Texas Parent PAC brings together parents from all over the state to take action.

How is Texas Parent PAC organized?
Texas Parent PAC is organized as a Texas general-purpose political committee and is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in Texas. The PAC files public reports of its contributions and expenditures with the Texas Ethics Commission. Contributors receive communications about PAC campaign activities via email and printed progress reports. All decisions are made by a board of directors.

Is the primary purpose of Texas Parent PAC to raise and donate campaign funds?
That is one of the purposes. But equally important are the PAC’s efforts to involve parents in registering voters, volunteering in primary and general election campaigns, and organizing get-out-the-vote drives. We believe children and grandchildren of Texas Parent PAC supporters will benefit, too, by learning the importance of citizen involvement in electoral politics in our democracy. Texas Parent PAC also makes educates parents about education policy issues and the critical record votes cast at the Texas Capitol.

Is Texas Parent PAC a partisan group?
No. We do not believe public education is a partisan issue. The PAC makes contributions to Republican and Democratic candidates, men and women, who are committed to strengthening Texas public schools. Endorsements are based on key record votes and positions on issues such as public school finance, local control, limiting unfunded government mandates, and use of public money only for public schools. We seek to elect state legislators who listen to parents and consistently vote in the interest of children!

What are the values of Texas Parent PAC?
We are loving parents united by traditional American values that honor and support families, faith, unlimited opportunities, freedom and democracy. We are committed to all the children of Texas, as they are our future. Their need for high quality public education must be met.

Representative democracy is based on trust, and parents historically have trusted state legislators to consistently vote in the best interest of our schoolchildren. Unfortunately, many Texas lawmakers have betrayed that trust, which is why Texas Parent PAC was created. We value the freedom for parents to recruit legislative candidates who are moral, public-spirited men and women committed to invest in public education. Texas Parent PAC supporters contribute campaign funds, volunteer in primary and general election campaigns, and go to the polls and VOTE. It’s the American way!