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Let's elect state legislators who listen to parents and consistently vote in the interest of children and neighborhood schools!


Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee for parents, grandparents, parents-to-be, and anyone who supports high quality public education. Endorsed candidates reflect traditional American values that honor and support children and their families, quality public education, strong communities, unlimited opportunities, and maximum citizen participation in our democracy. All endorsed candidates support the Texas Parent PAC Guiding Principles. Texas Parent PAC has a track record of success, helping to elect 39 legislators who are currently serving.

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Candidates Endorsed by Texas Parent PAC
Win Big on March 4!

Seven candidates endorsed by Texas Parent PAC won their primary elections March 4, and three additional candidates face runoff elections on May 27. Congratulations to these candidates and their campaign teams!

Texas Parent PAC helped the winning candidates in many ways, including campaign coaching, endorsement news releases, promotion via email and Facebook, as well as donating funds to pay for four-color postcards, TV and radio advertising, signs, canvassing, campaign staff, and phone call services. Thanks to generous Texas Parent PAC donors who made this possible!

This was a particularly dramatic primary election, with some wonderful victories as well as sad defeats. A highlight was the election of New Boston ISD school superintendent Dr. Gary VanDeaver in Texas House District 1. There has not been a superintendent serving in the Legislature since 2005, when former Rep. Bob Griggs resigned.

A summary of the results for endorsed candidates is below. Complete primary election returns are at the Secretary of State web site and election brackets are at the Texas Tribune web site.

Endorsed Candidate Winners of Primary Election

H.D. 1: Gary VanDeaver, R-New Boston (defeated Rep. George Lavender), winning with 54.34% of the vote Web Site 

H.D. 8: Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, winning with 58.62% of the vote. Web Site  He has a Libertarian opponent in the general election.

H.D. 21: Dade Phelan, R-Beaumont (open seat), winning with 59.9% of the vote. Web Site He has a Democratic opponent in the general election.

H.D. 59: Rep. J. D. Sheffield, R-Gatesville, winning with 60.92% of the vote. Web Site

H.D. 60: Rep. Jim Keffer, R-Eastland, winning with 56.29% of the vote. Web Site

H.D. 71: Rep. Susan King, R-Abilene, winning with 67.29% of the vote. Web Site

H.D. 72: Rep. Drew Darby, R-San Angelo, winning with 79.46% of the vote. Web Site

Endorsed Candidates in Runoff Elections on May 27

H.D. 58: DeWayne Burns, R-Cleburne (open seat), with 30.34% of the vote. (Runoff with  Philip Eby, 40.11%)  Web Site

H.D. 102: Linda Koop, R-Dallas, with 34.71% of the vote. (Runoff with Stefani Carter, 33.16%)  Web Site

H.D. 132: Ann Hodge, R-Katy (open seat), with 19.47% of the vote (runoff with Mike Schofield, 44.61%) Web Site

Thanks to the other endorsed candidates who campaigned very hard but unfortunately did not win. They were all seeking political office to make a positive difference. We appreciate the courage that it took for these candidates to challenge incumbents: Andy Cargile, Steve Massengale, Mike Novak, and Skip Ogle. Austin Keith and Bruce Tough and their teams put forth great effort in their campaigns for open seats. 

Heartfelt thanks to State Representatives Diane Patrick, Lance Gooden, and Bennett Ratliff for their years of public service in the Texas House. These dedicated lawmakers made many contributions that make Texas a better state, and they will be greatly missed.