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Texas Parent PAC has best primary election ever!

A record-breaking 12 endorsed first-time/new candidates win primary

Five Texas House candidates endorsed by Texas Parent PAC won their primary election runoffs on May 24: Ernest Bailes, Scott Cosper, Justin Holland, Lynn Stucky for Texas House plusĀ Keven Ellis for State Board of Education. Endorsed first-time or new candidates who won the primary without a runoff on March 1 were Jay Dean, Lance Gooden, Gina Hinojosa, Stan Lambert, Lina Ortega, Mary Ann Perez, and Hugh Shine.

Some of these political party nominees won the election outright, as they have no opponents in the general election, while others have another election ahead in November. Congratulations to the 11 legislative candidates and one State Board of Education candidate and their campaign teams!

These elections will make a big difference for Texas schoolchildren and their families, as the winning candidates are strong supporters of public education.

Texas Parent PAC helped candidates in many ways, including campaign coaching, endorsement news releases, promotion via social media, target list compilation, calling services, mailings, as well as donating funding to pay for TV and radio advertising, signs, campaign staff, consultation, and direct mail. Thanks to generous Texas Parent PAC donors who made this possible!

Here are a few observations about the elections in which Texas Parent PAC was involved:

A summary of the results for endorsed candidates is below. Complete primary election returns are at the Secretary of State web site.

Endorsed Candidate Winners of Primary Election Runoff

HD 18: Ernest Bailes, R-Shepherd, winning with 67.42% of the vote. He has a Libertarian opponent in the general election. bailesfortexas.com

HD 33: Justin Holland, R-Heath, winning with 50.62% of the vote. He has Democratic and Libertarian opponents in the general election. justinholland.org

HD 54: Scott Cosper, R-Killeen, winning with 50.43% of the vote. He has a Democratic opponent in the general election.  scottcosper.com

HD 64: Lynn Stucky, R-Sanger, winning with 65.74% of the vote. He has a Democratic opponent in the general election.  lynnstucky.com

SBOE 9: Keven Ellis, R-Lufkin, winning with 59.19% of the vote. He has Democratic and Libertarian opponents in the general election. ellisfortexas.com

Thanks to the other endorsed candidates who campaigned very hard but unfortunately did not win. They were seeking political office to make a positive difference. Jay Misenheimer in HD 5 and Kimberly Willis in HD 139 and their teams put forth great effort in their campaigns for open seats.

The Texas House of Representatives will be losing three excellent members who did not win their primary runoff elections. Heartfelt thanks to Rep. Susan King of Abilene and Rep. David Simpson of Longview who had the courage to give up their House seats to run in open Senate seats. Rep. Doug Miller of New Braunfels fell short in his bid for re-election. All three legislators made many contributions that make Texas a better state, and they will be greatly missed. Texas Parent PAC helped to elect Rep. King when she first ran for office in 2006 and Rep. Miller when he initially ran in 2008.



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